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Move it, Feel it, Learn It

Energetic training: The fire of your soul - What is your essence and how do manage to live it?


Riccarda Kolb


Nicole Schlüssel

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The training consists of 2 parts: The fire of the soul - Kundalini Yoga in practice and theory - with Nicole Schlüssel.  September 14th and 15th, 24 - in the studio and online

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Kundalini Yoga What awaits you? Learn what Kundalini Yoga really means and find out what power this spiritual practice contains. We approach a wide range of tools in a theoretical manner and combine what we have learned with our practice. This allows us to unleash the transformative power that lies within us. Ignite the fire within you and experience Kundalini Yoga on a new level!

- What is Kundalini Yoga?

Introduction to the basic principles of Kundalini Yoga

 - Age of Aquarius

The meaning of the Age of Aquarius and the energetic changes

- Chakras from the Kundalini perspective

Consideration of the chakras and their connection to Kundalini energy

 - Mudras and finger theory

Explanation of mudras and finger positions in Kundalini Yoga

 Integrating mudras into personal practice

 - Bandhas and Haras

Understanding and applying bandhas (energetic closures) in Kundalini Yoga

The importance of the Hara as a center as life energy

- Mantras and times

Introduction to mantras in Kundalini Yoga

Be in harmony with your energy and sensitivity - feel energy, learn protective mechanisms and use your gift for aura reading with Riccarda Kolb. September 28th and 29th

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla

In this two-day training you will learn to deal with your energy and sensitivity and turn them into a wonderful gift - aura reading. This training gives you clear access to your intuition. The result: You feel calm, grounded, arrived and your creativity and spirituality are extremely encouraged.

Before we learn how to read your own aura and that of other people, we will work out what exactly your energetic sensitivity is all about. Because if you know and accept your gift, you can understand people through your energy, heal them and switch yourself on and off as an energy channel whenever you want. It is so much easier to live with this knowledge, especially if you know your protective mechanisms to protect yourself from "energy hogs".

What can the Aura Readen be used for?

Aura Chakra Reading refines your self-understanding and can help you to focus better, to use your own resources more efficiently, to feel stronger and more self-confident. Through aura chakra reading you receive inspiring approaches to solving situations and blockages that are constricting you. Many clients confirm that through the reading they find more of their creativity and visions again. After the reading you feel clear, free and at peace with yourself.

Aura reading is a very positive method to illuminate current issues of the client, for which he/she has usually developed a blind spot. The person is held up a mirror that brings light into the darkness and thus helps him/her to a loving self-understanding. The possible solutions are stored in the regressed person's own energy system. You read these out to him as a reader. The reading conveys tremendous motivation, inspiration, power and love. As a reader, you see the big picture of the person being read to and can also often see details.

We can dive into the following topics, among others:

  • Your destiny
  • Your calling
  • Your hidden talents
  • Your profession or your professional positioning
  • Your partnership
  • Your health
  • Your finances
  • and whatever else the universe has to tell you.

As children, we are very aware of our intuition: how we know who we like and who we don't, who we want to become, what makes us happy, what people and things we want to surround ourselves with, etc. As we grow up, our intuition is often overridden by our intellect. The school system, parents, society etc. teach us that we are most successful when we let the mind rule and so our heart energy and our intuition is increasingly overridden or pushed into the background.

Fortunately, your intuition always remains fully accessible to you, but it is often obscured. That is why it is so wonderful to have your intuition clearly "read out" to you through the reading, or to regain access to it for the one who has been read. It is so relieving to understand that your intuition is always there and that your life is very flowing and happy when you listen to your intuition.

The reading provides you with help on your spiritual path, unfolds your very own abilities and activates your inner creator and creative power.

  1. Part of the training: The connection between energy, chakras, aura and the necessary protection mechanisms.
    • You are not alone: Spiritual hocus-pocus or energetic sensitivity
    • What is aura, What are chakras, How do you activate your chakras, How do we reach our aura through the chakras?
    • Harmonisation and cleansing of the chakras
    • Strengthening your aura, grounding and access to the creator level
    • How to deal with external energies
    • Protective measures against foreign energies
    • You receive your personal essential protective oil
  2. Part of the training: Learning to read the aura
    • Can I do that? Everyone asks themselves this question. Is it not an outstanding gift to speak with the universe/creator level? You have this gift, here you learn how to access it.
    • Learn Aura Readen and the exact process, attunement and exit, grounding and alignment.
    • How often do I need a reading
    • How do I reade myself
    • Which language/words/images do you receive
    • What do I do if the person I am reading does not want to hear it?
    • Where are the boundaries
    • What is a "lightning" reading?






The two weekends (in KarmaKarma or online) including training documents cost a total of €1,440. The price also includes 7 online yoga lessons to activate your 7 chakras as well as 7 videos with theoretical explanations of the chakras.

Please pay the entire amount upon registration. After consulting with us, we can consider together whether you can book one of the weekends individually. The single weekend costs €770.

Please register and send questions to: info@karmakarma.de or at 0211-30035678.