Work-In Class with a wonderful touch of yoga therapy


with Fleur Adams
on Friday, June 7th from 6.00 until 7.15 p.m.

This Yin Yoga Special Class helps you to let go, both physically and mentally.

In this session, music is deliberately omitted, in complete silence you feel into yourself, possibly feel into your "problem zones", turn to them, pay attention to them and come into a loving stretching.

In the asanas, you feel into your limits and sense where it feels good and where it may simply be too much for your body at that moment. You stay where you can let go. We hold the exercises for a longer period of time and give our bodies the space to find their new balance.

Do you want to do a workOUT? Find a fitness center. Do you want a "work-IN", find Fleur!


this special class costs 25€