Mina Vucicevic

My name is Mina - I am an always smiling, open-minded person and a true nature-lover. I am a passionate yoga student and teacher, always curious about life.

Since I started my yoga practice in 2016, it has never left me.

I am grateful for the healing energy, the power and the awareness, it is giving me. Besides the asanas I strongly believe in the power of Yoga also off the mat. It’s a way of life which we have to take out in the world, more than ever.

In February 2019 I obtained my 200hr certification in Ashtanga-Vinyasa in India. 

I am practicing and teaching Ashtanga, Rocket and Vinyasa Yoga and I aim to spread and generate loving-kindness. Not only for ourselves but also for all the other human beings next to us.

In my classes I want you to feel save, to trust yourself and to deeply feel what your body needs or not needs. I will guide you through sequences that link movement and breath to attain balance in mind and body. 

Open your wings, smile and let everything go. You don’t have to worry, I will pick you up whenever you fall. And don’t forget: Yoga is not about touching your toes or balancing in Handstand. Yoga is for everybody! So my classes are always open and welcome for all levels.

I am excited, humbled and honored to spread my love of yoga worldwide and I am grateful for all my teachers and students, I’ve met on my journey.

Come and join me!