How does an aura reading work?

Our personal energy system contains very important information about our higher Self. This information delivers messages about events in our, presence, past and potential future. In an aura reading I connect myself with your energy (also called intuition). And by doing so I collect information about issues you would like or need to work on. This intuitive approach to coaching helps to answer your questions from a universal perspective. With an aura reading I can help you find your potential and the calling of your soul.

Who is the reading for?

For everyone who needs a clearer vision of your goals and visions.

Why is a reading useful for you?

A reading can give you a new insight about the lingering questions in your life. This can refer to hidden potential, recurrent patterns and blockades. This self-realization can help you focus much better and to apply your own resources much more efficient. I can also help you to stop negative impact on your life. You will feel stronger and much more self-confident.  An aura reading reveals your true nature and makes space for your true Self. It will help you release trauma and drama.

For example we can have an energetic look on the following issues:

  • your calling

  • your mission in life

  • your hidden talents

  • your improvement in your job

  • your professional positioning

  • your love life and partnership

  • your health

  • your financial situation

  • and whatever the universe wants to tell you.


Interview with Riccarda:

What is the goal of a reading?

The goal is to leave the person feeling highly inspired, motivated and moved by what I’ve shared. I want to give them confirmation, information and validation about their uncertainty. The aura reading brings access to your vision and to your dreams. So it is a great help in case you might not know your vision or if you have lost it.

Why do people come to you instead of a therapist?

A therapist tells you how to think about things and brings up what’s going on, and they traditionally listen. I’m not listening — I’m feeling. I read from an emotional and intuitive point of view.



"The aura reading with Riccarda was something very special for me. I have done this the first time and I was really impressed by the information that I received from the universe. I got very personal and deep information about what I could be, if I only allow myself...The aura reading is a very helpful invest in your future. It helps to live your life more conscious and more focused. Thank you so much Riccarda for your great energy and your light" (Rebecca)

"The reading was magic. It explained to me that my sensitivity for energy in certain situations is not crazy, but instead that it is a gift. Riccarda opened the access to my intuition and now I feel very self-confindet and strong. (Sabine)


If this sounds interesting to you please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions for an aura reading on info@karmakarma.de

The aura reading takes up to 75-90 minutes and costs 220 Euro. Riccarda’s book „So geht glücklich sein“ comes as a gift with your reading.

We ask you to record the reading as it brings so much deep information.

Please send us some possible dates for your reading. We can do the reading online or in the studio karmakarma in Düsseldorf.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Love & Light