Podcast: Ricci-to-go by Riccarda Kolb

Make your life joyful, colourful and untamed - the most joyful burnout podcast. Based on Riccarda’s book „ So geht glücklich sein - wie ich aus dem Burnout in die Leichtigkeit des Lebens fand“

New episode every Thursday

With my Ricci-to-go podcast I want to give you my tips and tricks as a yoga teacher, energy mentor, healer, author, positive thinker and crazy glitter hippie girl. For me life and yoga means laughing, trying things out, falling down and getting back. Having faith in life. I was taught this way of teaching yoga and enchanting students with my stories by my instructors in NYC. And now I want to take you gently by my hand and show you that the ups and downs are the real spice of life.

This podcast shows various ways in which we can restrengthen our mental immense system and to make ourselves feel physically, mentally, and spiritually strong.

This podcast is meant for all the sensitive perfectionists out there - to protect yourself from getting a burnout or to bring your life back into happiness after a burnout. Sensitive because you perceive the energies of other people as soon as they enter the room and quickly grasp situations around you. Perfectionists because you prefer doing everything yourself and want to get everything just right. Because you have never learnt to say no.. You love life or want to learn again how to love it? You want to listen to all my podcast right away and change your life today?:-) Welcome to the club of sensitive perfectionists.


  1. My favorite tip to become yourself and laugh about yourself
  2. How to train your mindfulness for the moment 
  3. Be realistic, plan a miracle
  4. Inspiring questions to get in touch with your intuition
  5. How to find your future profession
  6. Say thank you and become a better you
  7. Throw kindness around like confetti

Please feel free to send me questions, suggestions and themes for my podcast. 



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