No previous experience in Ayurveda and Yoga is required for this training weekend.

Ayurveda is an invitation to all people who want to live a connected, relaxed life without belly problems, sleep disorders, stress and inner turmoil.

During these three days we combine the wonderful traditional philosophies of Ayurveda & Yoga and transport them into your modern everyday life. The beauty of Ayurveda is that we don't have to change our whole life to get through the day and night healthier and more relaxed. Often 2-3 small adjustments from the treasure chest of Ayurveda are enough and your day is no longer controlled by others, but becomes your creative, authentic, positive life.

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For the past five years, we have also been offering our training completely online. This gives you even more flexibility in your time management and makes you a particularly authentic yoga teacher - at your own pace.

We have recorded all the content for you on video and meet every two weeks for a joint live call to exchange ideas and practice teaching. In addition, there are buddy groups and a Facebook group for you as students, so that a loving, helpful community is formed for you.

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Immerse yourself in the 12 major meridians of your body - and experience the system of the 6 unions within you!

Would you like to deepen your Yin Yoga practice? Develop an awareness of the physical, mental and emotional processes? Experience breathing and meditation in connection with Yin Yoga? Maybe or definitely teach Yin Yoga?

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"If you wish to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

In this two-day training you will learn to handle your energy and sensitivity and to transform it into a wonderful gift - the Aura-Reading. This training gives you clear access to your intuition. The result: You feel calm, grounded, arrived and your creativity & spirituality is extremely enhanced.

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Have you ever thought about taking 2 weekends just for you and going on a wonderful journey within?

Allow yourself this intensive time just for you, for your mindfulness practice, for your Yin Yoga experience and deeper understanding. Sharpen your awareness and get a little closer to yourself. In these 2 weekends you can find your place of retreat and regeneration and connect with your own core to draw strength for your everyday life. In addition to Yin Yoga, the knowledge of the 5 phases of transformation from traditional Chinese medicine, the practice with essential oils and healing sounds as well as Breathwork will support you and round off the Yin Yoga training in a special way.

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From 07 March 2024 we offer you our Energetic 225-hour training with Riccarda Kolb and guest teachers.

The Vinyasa style that Riccarda teaches is a dynamic Vinyasa style that is taught with a lot of heart, creativity and dedication. This training will greatly enrich your spiritual journey, your knowledge of yoga and your personal practice. You will learn in a playful, creative, loving way and experience the connection between breath, body and the teacher within you.

We have developed a training programme that invites you to freely find and share your own yoga path. You will receive a solid basis for teaching Hatha Yoga with a focus on Vinyasa Yoga.

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This 15-hour course is an opportunity for transformation. Step into a space that is designed for you to safely dive deep within yourself, to heal any wounds life has left you with and to tend to scars of struggles you’ve overcome.

Divided over 3 days you’ll be presented with a balanced program of lecture, writing, breathing and movement.

The aim is for you to reconnect with yourself on a deep level, to reconcile with events in the past, to explore your direction in life and to learn techniques that will help you immediately to manage stress, anxiety and depression.

The added value to this in-person course is that besides the personal journey you’ll be on, experiencing this work as a group creates a supportive community. You are not alone.

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