For the last 7 years Riccarda was diving deep into healing and energy work. Her teacher training developped into an energetic teacher training with a clear focus on energy and breath work, protection mechanismen for your sensitive soul and Ayurveda. Riccarda also offers one-on-one Aura Readings to allow yourself to merge with your intuition and to bring youself close to your higher potential and calling. 


Aura reading

A reading can give you a new insight about the lingering questions in your life. This can refer to hidden potential, recurrent patterns and blockades. This self-realization can help you focus much better and to apply your own resources much more efficient. I can also help you to stop negative impact on your life. You will feel stronger and much more self-confident.  An aura reading reveals your true nature and makes space for your true Self. It will help you release trauma and drama.

More Information

Book - So geht glücklich sein

A large part of the book is my own life story - with all the ups and downs. My path from lawyer and manager to yoga teacher, yoga studio owner and life coach. My book is about bringing joy and love into your life. To use your own resources better and to free yourself from negative influences, things and people. My stories can change your attitude to life. According to the motto: You suddenly fall in love with the small things in life and get the power to change the big things. In my book I also deal with my personal low points in order to explain that these are part of life and are there to emerge from the situation strengthened and with freshly polished wings.
Riccarda Kolb, born in 1971, is a book author, yoga teacher, stress prevention coach and owner of the yoga studio karmakarma in Düsseldorf. Riccarda Kolb studied law in Munich and worked for many years as a lawyer and manager before daring to jump boldly into her "new" life as a yoga teacher. Her yoga students have asked her to write down the stories she tells at the start of her yoga classes so that they can have a reference book of these inspiring, moving and "healing" stories. For Riccarda, yoga is more than just exercises in conjunction with the breath; yoga is a way of life.
"I am so happy to be able to tell you my story. I am incredibly happy that I was allowed to write this book" Your Riccarda

Here you can order the book signed by me (order form with dedication to be chosen)

192 pages,
Christian publishing house

Price: 9,99€
Shipping costs: 3,00€


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Customer testimonials

Katrin W.

Your book is simply magical. It gives so much inspiration and joy. My favourite parts: Your angels are here for you and I don't have to do shit! Thank you for this great book full of colourful spots.

Anja K.

Your book is such an incredibly beautiful gift.

Judith H.

I am simply moved and touched in so many passages.

Angelika B.

Your book is beautiful, also so lovingly and appealingly designed.



The gentle vibrations that are released have a positive effect on the mind and soul and leave the body feeling relaxed, happy and content.

During the sound massage, the different sounding singing bowls are placed on the clothed body, struck and thus made to vibrate. The sounds and vibrations of the individual singing bowls are absorbed through the hearing and the body. This creates a pleasant state of deep relaxation, which can have a positive effect on physical tension, blockages and stress.

Let yourself be touched by the sound, carried by the vibration and immerse yourself. Your journey begins here!

How about a sound massage as a gift for your loved one? We are happy to issue you a voucher.

60-70 minutes (incl. pre- and post-talk): 80 €.
75-90 min (incl. pre- and post-talk and a hand massage with essential oils from doTERRA): 100 €

Sound bowl massages must be cancelled 24 hours before the start, otherwise we have to charge the full price.

You can reach us at Tel: 0211-30035678 or write us an email to info@karmakarma.de.


Duration of the massage: optionally 45, 60 or 90 minutes.

Price: 45 minutes cost 60€, 60 minutes cost 75€, 90 minutes cost 100€

You can always add a 30-minute foot reflexology massage.

You are welcome to redeem your 30-minute Urban Sports Club massage with us. As we currently only offer massages of 45 minutes you can add 15 minutes for 30€ or 30 minutes for 40€.

Matthias and Meike have a wonderful feeling for people and adjust their massage techniques individually to you. According to your wishes and what your body needs at the moment. Both are trained and certified massage therapists in various massage techniques.

Available times are Monday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

All massages must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will have to charge the full price.

You can reach us at Tel: 0211-30035678 or write us an email to info@karmakarma.de.


Nowadays very common, has the traditional Thai Yoga Massage its origins, like yoga, in India. History goes back to 500 before Chr. naming a personal doctor, friend of Buddha. The principal is the same as in yoga. A better circulation of energy in our body, which has positive effect on our mental and emotional mapping and body.

Energy lines can be found all over the body. By pressing with thumbs, palming with hands, working also with elbows and feet we open the connection of the tissues. Static or dynamic to provide a better energy flow. Each body is unique and has its own rythm. Working with this, is what we call the rocking of the body. An absolute yummy technique. Most of the people love it. The whole treatment is done in fully awareness and offers different stretching you may know as a yogi. Just in a passive way. Blockages can be released and energy can be restored to its natural flow. This improves breathing capacity, mobility in joints and spine.   Thai Massage goes beyond the limitations of the mind and body. Some say it touches the soul.

Please note: The massage is usually on a mat on the floor, fully clothed in loose comfortable clothes.

Antonio is a certified yoga teacher, who joined different Thai Yoga Massage trainings. He teaches since a couple of years in Karma Karma and has an excellent sense in his hands finding the right spots and giving support. Let yourself be surprised.

Thai-Yoga-Massage (on the floor mat): 1 Stunde:  75€
Thai-Yoga-Massage (on the floor mat): 1,5 Stunden:  100€
Thai-Yoga-Massage (on the floor mat): 2 Stunden:  120€

Massages must be cancelled 24 hours before the start, otherwise we have to charge the full price.

You can reach us: 0211-30035678 or write us an email to info@karmakarma.de.


with Alexandra Steuer

Reiki involves the use of symbols and mantras to facilitate and enhance energy transfer. The practitioner uses his hands to transfer energy to the recipient and harmonize him. The energy transfer is described as gentle, relaxing and renewing. Reiki is always done clothed.

Reiki is often used as a complementary therapy to conventional medicine to support well-being and recovery from various physical and emotional ailments. It is also used to manage stress, improve sleep, strengthen the immune system and promote general well-being.

"I had my first contact with Reiki in 2010 during a change in my life circumstances. I never lost contact or belief in the universe, only sometimes more or less felt or lived it.
A few years later, a crisis gave rise to a deep desire to learn Reiki myself. I have now received initiation into the master's degree according to the Usui system and pass on Reiki, the universal life energy, in the form of contact treatments, mental treatments or even distance Reiki.
Reiki and mindfulness are topics close to my heart that I practice alongside my main job." - Alexandra

Legal notice:

A Reiki treatment always takes place without any promise of healing and no diagnoses are made.
Reiki does not replace a visit to a doctor, alternative practitioner and/or psychotherapist.
I currently advise pregnant women not to have a Reiki session.

Energy exchange:

  • Reiki treatment including rest time and follow-up discussion - approx. 75 minutes: € 120


All bookings must be canceled 24 hours before the start, otherwise we will have to charge the full price.
You can reach us on Tel: 0211-30035678 or write us an email info@karmakarma.de




Your life. Your dreams. Your authenticity.

We have found wonderful people for you, who take you by the hand with their coaching skills, their life experience and their diverse knowledge in the field of holistic health and thus make your life dream come true.

Coaching helps you

  • Master current challenges
  • Overcome obstacles and beliefs that get in your way
  • Get clarity about your goals and take action
  • Achieve more success and satisfaction
  • Effectively reduce stress and gain fresh energy
  • Become physically and mentally more flexible and stronger
  • Be more calm, relaxed and confident
  • To live asmartly and be healthy

Keep calm and call your life coach!

The reasons for wanting change in life are as varied and individual as there are people in the world. Each one of us is unique. You and your personal private and/or professional goals and needs are always at the centre of the coaching.

Book your first coaching session with Alexandra, Judith or Christine here.

Coaching session 60 minutes (1 person)  
1 Hour 120 €
Card of 3 330 €
a personal preliminary talk is included in the price  
Coaching in the corporate environment auf Anfrage


Coaching appointments must be cancelled 24 hours in advance, otherwise we will have to charge the full price.

My goal for my work with you:

  • from my own experiences/from my own path to give you beautiful tools that lead you step by step more to yourself and to your life's purpose.
  • find a good balance in all areas of life...
  • recognise, dissolve and reverse inner blocking beliefs and behaviour patterns
  • help you to recognise your physical and mental potential and to use it better
  • support you in accepting challenges and dealing with them accordingly (from the role of victim to the role of master)
  • learn to relinquish control and let yourself be carried and trusted by the flow of life
  • how to move from your head back into your heart and intuition

Short profile

  • certified mental coach
  • Tools
    • EFT
    • Kinesology
    • Emotion Code according to Bradley Nelson
    • Breathing exercises and techniques
    • Guided meditations and affirmations
    • Balancing your emotions with DōTERRA oils
    • Aura Reading
    • Yoga
    • Visualisation techniques and manifestation techniques
    • GrowFlowLove - heart companion for parents

Judith accompanies you with classical as well as unconventional methods. Her gift is to find access to people very quickly, to feel and see their essence. Together with you, she works on a sharper perception of your potentials and quickly gets to the core issue that can and may be strengthened or changed. She helps you to recognise the necessary steps for the desired change, for more coherence and a more intensive quality of life.

"I am convinced that life always offers us exactly those situations in which we are allowed to learn and grow. This is your chance to look, to perceive and understand yourself on different levels.  You have the possibility to develop new ways of thinking, behaviour and solution strategies in the context of your world. Everyone has the chance to live an authentic life with less and less fears, limitations and attachments. It's about contentment, life energy and self-expression."

"My more than 20 years of self-experience in personal development, as well as my professional experience and expertise in leadership and management functions in the field of human resources of various corporations, medium-sized companies and start-ups enable me to support you in many different contexts of professional and private life" Yours Judith

Short profile

  • Degree in Business Administration, specialising in Human Resources
  • HR/Personnel and General Management
  • Executive and management
  • Career planning, personality development
  • Coaching, energy reading, change, organisational development, personality assessments

"I accompany you on your way to lead an authentic and healthy life. This includes finding your balance between all areas of life, recharging your batteries in your individual way and always keeping an eye on your personal development. Thanks to my years of experience in the health sector, I use many different methods in my work, including stress management and resilience training, tips around a healthy lifestyle, yoga, breathing and guided meditation, aura reading and personality coaching. What you need, to what extent and with which technique we work, we decide together" Yours Alex

Short profile

  • Graduate economist, Master Prevention, Sports Therapy & Health Management
  • Yoga teacher
  • Personal and business coach
  • Research assistant at the IST University in Düsseldorf,
  • Self-employed facilitator, trainer, coach