We welcome you in Zeeland

Because we love the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands incredibly, we - Riccarda and Matthias - moved here. This place combines magical nature with the powerful sea and very loving people. We want to pass on the feeling of happiness that we experience here every day to you with our kitesurfing, retreats and massages here in Zeeland.


For us, yoga and kitesurfing share a similar philosophy. In both practices we need to open ourselves up to new challenges and to be in the moment. Above all, yoga as well as kitesurfing are about reconnecting with yourself as well as with nature. We believe that anyone can learn how to kitesurf! Through preparatory yoga classes, you will gain the necessary flexibility, strength, endurance and mindset required for a kite surfer.


Our favorite kitesurfing spots in Zeeland are Vrouwenpolder, Neeltie Jans and Domburg. However, depending on the season and weather conditions, we offer training throughout Zeeland. Whether you are joining us for beginner kitesurfing lessons or have already attended classes before, we are here to assist you in this magical sport.

Individuality is key

We tailor the kitesurfing classes exactly to the participants skill level. This private lessons consist of 1-2 participants (unless more are requested). We offer individual packages in order to help you achieve success in exactly the time and effort that you decide to put into your practice.

Our goal

Our goal is to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence required to go out on the water as fast as possible. Matthias Szelersky is a certified VDWS Kitesurf Instructor and will guide you professionally and wholeheartedly towards your personal kitesurfing goals.

Who can participate?

Everyone from beginners to advanced kite surfers are welcome and can reach their next level with us. Furthermore, we also specialize in kitesurfing instruction for children.


Price for group lessons

145 euro for 2 hours/person incl. kitesurf-material

Price for private lesson

90 euro for 1 hour incl. kitesurf-material

Kitesurf supervision

90 euro for 2,5 hours/person incl. kitesurf-material

Travel • Kitesurf • Yoga

We also offer kitesurf retreats in combination with Vinyasa & Yin Yoga. This special yoga practice emphasizing on stretching, will prepare your body perfectly for your kitesurfing sessions. After an active day on the yoga mat and at sea you can also indulge in your booked massages.


Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you are thinking about coming to Zealand. We are happy to create your individual package including kitesurfing sessions, yoga practice and on-site massages. We want to make sure that you will get the most out of your stay and will return physically and mentally renewed to your home.

Group sessions

We are more than happy to put together a special group offer for you or to connect you with like-minded individuals for your kitesurfing classes. At any time, we can also include yoga on the beach for you or arrange for a beachside massage at sunset.


Sports massages

Matthias is a massage therapist and can help you relax and rejuvenate after your day on the water with a deep shoulder- neck or full body massage.

You will feel great and ready for the next day of adventures.

Contact Matthias anytime for kitesurfing, yoga and massages

E-Mail: matthias@karmakarma-zeeland.nl
Phone: +31 65 333 15 40