Jackie Imhoff

“The universe supports the brave who follow their heart.”

My heart brought me to yoga in 2015 and a few years ago to the beautiful studio of KarmaKarma. It was here that I made my first steps as a yogini and discovered my passion for vinyasa yoga and yin yoga.
Initially, yoga for me was a balance to my stressful everyday life and increasingly became a sure place of refuge, where I could be entirely at home with myself.

My interest in the execution of the asanas, the yoga philosophy, and the magic that surrounds yoga increased over time and I decided in 2021 to follow my heart once again and to complete the KarmaKarma teacher training with Ricci. The training was from the very start a journey to myself and the universe awarded my courage with wonderful people and a new, more mindful life.

Beside the 225-hour program in vinyasa yoga teacher training, I had the desire to acquire greater knowledge of yin yoga with a forty-hour training program with Vira Drotbohm in all-round yoga. This was complemented with a certificate from terramedus as an aromatherapist, and I would like to offer my students a holistic yoga experience and to support the yoga practice with essential oils.

In my sessions, I would like to create an atmosphere to dream with gentle asanas and diverse pranayama techniques, with mindfulness offering the yogis their personal place of refuge that they can leave balanced and with a sense inner satisfaction.