Matthias Szelersky

Matthias discovered yoga several years ago, and since then it has become a key part of his life. A marathon runner for many years, a triathlete and Ironman, and a passionate kite surfer, he knows to treasure the strength, rest, and stretching that yoga offers, especially the mental strength that yoga provides to keep going in the decisive moments!

As co-owner of KarmaKarma-Yogastudios, massage therapist and VDWS-kitesurfing teacher, he is responsible for the for the sport program that our KarmaKarma yoga travel packages packages offer in addition to yoga. Whether its hiking, jogging, and kitesurfing, bike tours, or massage, he offers his knowledge as an optimal supplement to yoga. For him, it’s important to plan his travels together with the like-minded in an optimal way and to create an unforgettable experience for you on our yoga travel packages.

Matthias is an essential member of the KarmaKarma family. He is your best resource if you want to strengthen your body and your energy with yoga as part of your kitesurfing, training for the triathlon etc. and to mentally prepare for the decisive moment. He is the ideal contact for all those starting a sport new or those interested in a yoga travel package.