Melanie Fritsch

After studying business and professional challenges as a management assistant, I tried out yoga over ten years ago at a gym and became familiar with the conscious contact with my breathing and my body and learned to treasure it. Ever since then, yoga has become my life philosophy. For me, yoga means transcendency and deep transformation, my path to me in a self-determined life, towards a joy in life, self-love, authenticity, physical strength, and free from all mental limitations.

My yoga classes reflect a modern and authentic yoga with a heart for a sustainable yoga practice. I like to plan my classes creatively with influences from anatomically-correct orientation, dynamic-functional training, creative flows, pranayama und meditation. My classes are an invitation to my students to a minful, somatic experience of their self both on the mat as in everyday life. Mindfulness empowers us to decide for or against a change. A lack of mindfulness allows us to get stuck in habits and old patterns that might no longer be useful for us.

I completed my first 200-hour vinyasa-teacher-training at KarmaKarma in 2013; this was followed by my 300 hour advanced teacher training under Noah Mazé, basic and advanced training in Thai yoga massage (including therapeutic flying) with  Tobias Frank, further training in the realm of meditation (on the method of Dr. Joe Dispenza) and life coaching. As a life coach, I help people to find a way out of codependency to a live in freedom.

“The truth of who you are is incomparable to any image you have of yourself.”
Anand Mehrotra