Anne Drah

Every Yogaclass is a beautiful Journey – mentally and physically

...and this began for me in 2017 with my first yoga class in Bali. I have been a sports enthusiast since I was a child. At the time, I would never have imagined that I would develop from swimming, dancing and horse riding into a pure yoga practice after my teacher training in Australia and Thailand.

Why is yoga so special to me? Because I found inner peace through the physical and mental exercises, overcame fears and learned to trust my body. I share this experience and traditional values with you in my classes. I help you to listen more deeply to yourself through the asanas, so that you forget everything around you for a moment and only notice your movements and your breath. 

Teaching yoga is a kind of meditation for me. I concentrate completely on the present and let go of all my thoughts. Seeing the peace and contentment on my students' faces at the end of a yoga class fills me with so much energy!

I look forward to accompanying you on your mental and physical journey.