Meltem Tekin

Yoga? Damn, yes! :)

Two years ago, I had my first experience with yoga in Berlin and fell in love with the very first asana. I was fascinated by the power of breathing and the fusing with movement to create a wonderful dance of the soul. This fulfilling sense on the mat was something that did not let me go. My curiosity grew and the question of the why brought me to the wonderful KarmaKarma studio, where I completed my vinyasa teacher training in 2019. The start of an exciting journey. . .

In every life situation, my yoga is there for me, gives me grounding and confidence, bringing me back to myself every time. It teaches me to accept life’s ups and downs, to remain authentic and to grant my body mindfulness and love.

I invite you to grow together with me, to learn and to feel. My yoga hours are dynamic and powerful, accompanied by a touch of lightness and humor, with good beats.

Let’s rock the mat!