Marie-Sophie Gremke

"Order in the mind, harmony in the soul and rhythm in the body, that's what I give you in every LightYoga class.
Together we will go into dynamic and static postures. While doing so, I consciously pay attention to your deep breath, guiding you through challenging and easy postures.
In the postures we open our light points, which are energy gates on the body. Through the physical exercises, a connection between fine and coarse matter can take place within you. The body becomes stronger and more flexible, your feeling deeper and deeper and your thinking clearer and clearer. So you are more in your center in your everyday life and can be clear and powerful from within yourself.
I am Marie-Sophie and LightYoga teacher since I was nineteen years old.
From an early age I was involved in meditation and spiritual-emotional work. I grew up in a family where it is normal to see meaning in everything and to consciously step through processes, look behind them and learn something from everything. That's why I began training as a meditation teacher at the age of 15. Another one followed to deepen my knowledge. Afterwards I started my training as a LightYoga teacher.
In 2019 I went to Rishikesh, India and completed a Kundalini Yoga teacher training. Since then, I have been continuing my education and am excited to share all the new insights with you.
I am happy to meet you in yoga and to share with you in this moment in time.