Angela Vennen

"Yoga is when every cell of the body signs the song of the soul." (B.K.S Iyengar)

"I am Angela, my yoga journey started in 2016. During a difficult time, I found through yoga a way to find my center again, to ground myself and to go through life with more ease.

In 2020 I completed my 225 hour yoga teacher training at karmakarma in Düsseldorf. 2021 followed my yin yoga teacher training with Andrea Huson.

Since yoga has given me so many tools to stay balanced in stressful situations, I would like to pass this on.

In my yoga classes I invite you to take time out from your stressful everyday life and to feel again what your body, mind and soul need right now. You are allowed to flow through the Vinyasa class with joy and ease, even if it might get shaky and tiring at times. In the Yin class you can enjoy the passive stretching of Yin, let go more and more and dive into stillness.
You give yourself the gift of letting go, building strength and stability, becoming more flexible and finding inner peace.
You can just be you on your mat, with whatever you bring with you.
I look forward to seeing you on the mat.
Namasté Angela"