Nadine Venhoven

Where do we learn? Where do we learn to dream, and to be awake for our dreams so that a part of them becomes part of our reality?

For me, the answer lies in yoga. Yoga teaches us to live.

In the process, it is especially important to me to invent myself anew in a playful way during my vinyasa sessions. Take paths that our reason would consider impossible and our heart desires so much. Free yourself from old patterns of thinking and create the space to be happy.

While teaching, I was able to trust my intuition and to let my creativity go. 

I approach vinyasa with heart, humor, and take things lightly as well..

After moving to Dusseldorf and joining the workforce, I looked for something that could allow me to be on my own: achieve clarity, order, find peace. In August 2017, thanks to a dear work colleague, I discovered KarmaKarma and my path to yoga. The original curiosity grew to a intense flame and I quickly began to practice yoga quite seriously. In 2019, I completed by yoga instructor training at KarmaKarma and I am now happy to hand on my curiosity and passion for yoga there with a smile on my face!