Attila Gyömrei

My name is Attila Gyömrei, I am a high-performance athlete. Living a balanced and healthy life. I enjoy working with people, supporting them, creating new and fun experiences in each training session. I have been a yoga teacher for over 8 years now while earning several qualifications and continuously attending international educational seminars.

I have spent my early life in gymnastics, swimming, athletics, football. Since I turned 16 I have concentrated on fitness and martial arts, and water sports. This broad range of experience enables me to create a unique flow each session.

Im Jahr 2016 entdeckte ich Kancho Cameron Shayne und Budokon Yoga. Kürzlich kehrte ich vom Studium seines erstaunlichen Stils zurück und konzentrierte mich darauf, meine Erfahrungen zu teilen.

Ich unterrichte aktiv Budokon-Yoga und Group-Fitness-Kurse, gebe Personal Training und Massage in Düsseldorf und helfe Menschen bei ihrer Ernährung.