Johanna Huettmann

"When I step onto the mat a certain calmness falls over me. It is like finally arriving to where I belong. It is like coming home to myself, my breath and my body... with every inhale I feel calmer, more centered, more connected, alive. With every exhale I feel myself surrendering to the natural ebb and flow of life."

Johanna is a trained yoga teacher, breath & wataflow therapist.
In her yoga classes she combines body & breath work with yoga to create flows that relax the body and allow the mind to arrive. Johanna's focus is on working (trauma) sensitively.

After following her heart to India in 2018 and from there to Mauritius, Mexico, Arizona, Mallorca and around the world, Johanna is now living off the mat in Ibiza.

Yoga was for Johanna the beginning of her journey to herself, which she passes on to her students in her classes with a lot of ease, fun and mindfulness.