Laura Meseck

I was introduced to yoga for the first time at the age of 16. Back then, yoga was not extremely popular yet and i felt an infinite amount of curiosity for the practice. 

Since then I had planned a trip to India, Rishikesh to learn the teachings straight from the source. My parents were not thrilled about the plan but even as an adult, the idea never faded. A few years later I was on my way to do something I had dreamed of doing for a long time. 

I completed Hatha and Vinyasa training back in 2018 and left India with so much excitement and knowledge.  

Since I had moved to Germany I started offering classes and felt very passionate about it.  I offered my first ever public class at KarmaKarma Yoga studio and received so much support from the community that I’ll never forget. In 2019 I completed a 50hr Yin yoga training. 
In 2020 I was blessed with a child and the focus was intensely on being a mom. 
Since 2022 I started building up my practice once again and started my journey on a 300hr teacher training. 

I’m honored by the opportunity to teach yoga and beyond grateful for every single teacher and student life has ever brought me.