Petra Bonrath

I discovered yoga many years ago at a surf camp in Morocco and wanted to make it part of my work-packed day. At the time, I spent many hours a day as a fashion manager of an international lifestyle brand at the office or travelling, and found with yoga something that gave me strength and at the same rest and balance. The regular practice helped me to decelerate my life, to get back to myself, feel lighter, and to better enjoy the moment.

“Enjoy the little things!”

An ever-increasing interest in the theory and practice of yoga and a desire to deepen by own practice and to explore my own being brought me to complete a training as a vinyasa instructor at KarmaKarma in Dusseldorf in 2013. I was so thrilled by the training program that I wanted to pass on my knowledge of yoga and a great portion of the happiness, love, dedication, and mindfulness that I experience through yoga to you. I am always touched after a session to view the relaxed, happy, and satisfied smiling faces in the group.

Since 2013, I have been able to deepen my knowledge and my practice in numerous trainings and various workshops and intensive programs, as for example in yin yoga, in mediation and mindfulness, in Ayurveda, in aroma therapy, in sound healing, and in yoga for kids. I am currently in training as a breath and consciousness coach. And I thus let all these aspects and experiences flow into my work. My special love is for deep working yin yoga, mindfulness, healing sounds, and essential oils.