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Manuela Hildebrandt

Clarity, Lightness, Balance 

Sometimes we need several experiences and lucky coincidences to bring us closer to our goals, to ourselves.

This is what happened to Manuela. It wasn’t until her Ayurveda training in places like India and Sri Lanka that the spark to yoga really caught, although she had more than twenty years of experience with yoga. The spark grew into a great love, a love especially for yin yoga.

In 2016, she chose a yin-yoga training under Mirjam Wagner, completing her advanced training in 2017.

In 2019, a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training program took her to Bali. To expand her knowledge and practice, in recent years she has attended various workshops and retreats in Germany and abroad.

For Manuela, yoga is THE element of a holistic life philosophy: moving away from the exterior to the interior world.

Manuela possesses the power to encourage people to discover the gift and meaning of life in themselves and to insert themselves into the world. She understands how to create spaces that are free of evaluations, judgements, and personal expectations.

They are spaces in which each individual can encounter their own truth.

When the exterior and interior space become quiet, our breath flows peacefully and our thoughts step DEMU behind the moment, Manuela feels yoga. By way of yoga, she is able to share more mindfulness, rest, trust, and calmness in life. She is happy to be able to share this wonderful gift with you. Go with her on a journey through your body, spirit, and mind, and discover your inner force. In her yoga hours, she seeks to spread restfulness and joie de vivre and to make it possible for you to create an intense bond to yourself.